Computer-Based Training, typically delivered on CD-ROM or from a mainframe.

Computer Managed Instruction is a feature built-in to computer training that will feed data on learner progress/results to an LMS.

Chunk of Content
Instruction required to teach an objective.

Collaborative Tools
Collaborative tools allow learners to work with others via e-mail, threaded discussions, or chat. In some cases, collaboration is used on team-based projects. Collaborative tools can sometimes provide the ability to host moderated discussion groups, where students and instructors can collaborate on course related materials or assignments in an asynchronous environment. In addition, real-time synchronous chat allows learners to communicate with their peers and instructors, emulating a physical classroom setting.

Competency Management
Competency management is used to identify skills, knowledge, and performance within an organization. Such a system helps an organization spot gaps and introduce appropriate training, compensation, and recruiting programs based on current or future needs.

Content Gathering
The process of gathering all of the content required to teach instruction. The designer works closely with the SME during this process and independently identifies "dead wood."

Content Management System
Content Management Systems (CMS) are used to store and subsequently find and retrieve large amounts of data. CMSs work by indexing text, audio clips, images, etc., within a database. In addition, CMSs often provide version control and check-in/check-out capabilities. Using robust, built-in search capabilities, users can quickly find a piece of content from within a database by typing in keywords, the date the element was created, the name of the author, or other search criteria. Content management systems are often used to create information portals for organizations and can serve as the foundation for the practice of knowledge management. They can also be used to organize documents and media assets. For example, a newspaper agency may use a content management system to provide an archive of every story ever written for the paper. Likewise, they might use the CMS to provide an extensive library of photographs that are reusable for future stories.

Criterion Reference Test
Items designed to measure performance for one objective.