Instructor-Led Training provides instruction in a classroom or virtual classroom under the direction of an instructor or facilitator.

The Instructional Management System is a set of technical specifications defining how learning materials will be exchanged over the Internet and how organizations and individual learners will use these materials. Initiated by Educom and developed through a partnership of academic, commercial, and government organizations, the goal of these specifications is the adoption of a set of open standards for Internet-based education.

Instructional Analysis
Procedures to determine what type of skills or knowledge is required for a learner to achieve a goal.

Instructional Strategy
Plan of activities (with or without an instructor) to teach content and sequence learning experience.

Instructor Guide
A set of materials that provide direction, answers to tests, helpful hints, or any supplemental information.

ISD Model
The Instructional Systematic Design model, developed in the 1960's, provides a methodical process for the design and development of instruction.